Adjustments in Blue Ocean Robotics

After almost 2 years of uninterrupted and steep growth Blue Ocean Robotics announces that it will now enter into a phase for a period of time where it will focus more on consolidating and optimising its performance. As a result the organisation will also be adjusted with some 25% across a number of functional areas.

2020 has been a great year for Blue Ocean Robotics where revenue, sales and the organisation has more than doubled during the first three quarters and the portfolio of robots has been very successful with sales to more than 70 countries around the world. The market position of the robots in the portfolio is quite strong and growing, and over the last two years Blue Ocean Robotics has also been worldwide recognised for its unique robotic solutions. Close to 20 awards have been granted.“Before the corona pandemic we already had a steep growth curve. But with the corona our robots suddenly became life saving equipment everyone needed all over the world. Our sales skyrocketed. And with that our organisation as well. Although it was good for us to take the company to a whole new level, it was also extremely difficult to forecast how the future would look like when everything related to our business was both in a positive and negative way affected by the corona pandemic”, says Claus Risager, CEO at Blue Ocean Robots, and continues, 

“Therefore, we did everything we could to build up our organisation to meet the needs we had but also needs we expected would continue, and we did so across a whole range of various functional- and specialist areas. Now we have a more stable view of things going forward and therefore it is only natural for us to go into a phase where we will focus more on consolidating and optimising our performance and less on growth. Unfortunately, in this process, we have also realised that our organisation is not well balanced across a number of these functional areas and we therefore need to adjust the organisation with some 25%”.

Claus Risager finally states, that “We realise today that in some areas we were scaling up too much and too fast. Now we need to be shrinking those areas again for the time being to get better aligned internally and also optimize our economic performance. Our expectations for the future remain positive and the management team believes that one year down the road and looking back, then we will have continued our solid growth and further development in all aspects of our business.”


Company contact:
Merima Cikotic, Head of PR & Marketing 
T:  +45 7199 5606 | E:[1]


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